Wednesday, May 18, 2011

Want to learn HOW to coupon?

There are a lot of things to learn about couponing. I hear so often how people clip their coupons, go to the store and end up spending more than they normally would have with out the coupons! Well thats because coupons are actually made that way ;) They are to get you to purchase a certain product BUT there is an art and a science to it. There is a way to do it so that the coupons work FOR you and save and even MAKE you money! Doesnt that sound awesome?!?! to go into a store purchase items and actally be handed money and paid to shop?!?!?! Well you can!

Everyone has been to or hosted a jewelry, purse, or cookware party and yes they are fun but what happens? You go and end up spending money. Wouldnt it be nice to host a party, spend a small amount of money, and learn all the tricks and tips to save $100s a month on groceries, paper, health and beauty, baby and pet items? Host a couponing 101 party with your family and friends and learn HOW to coupon.

Each guest has an entry fee of $20. Well what does that get you?
All the tips, tricks and a basic couponing 101 filled with tons of useful things that most people do not know. You will receive a starter kit to store your coupons, and a printed couponing 101 guide. Want to bring a friend? Now you only pay $10, $20 for your friend. Want to bring 2 or more friends? FREE for you, still $20 for them.

The hostess is FREE (unless 10 or less guests attend, then reg. $20 fee), same info as your guests, starter kit and a bonus hostess gift! Book in May and pay no hostess fee regardless of guest count and a bonus hostess gift!

Leave me a comment with your email address for further info or to book a party!

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