Tuesday, May 24, 2011

Walmart paid me today :)


40 packages of pads (these are being donated to a woman's shelter) $37.60
2 packages of Zyrtec $10.54
Toilet paper $2.00
3 Pure protein bars $3.48
Tidy cat $1.77
TOTAL $55.39
Total after coupons -$0.87
Walmart allows overages so they paid me $0.87 Just a heads up this was not as easy as it sounds, as the manager has no clue about their coupon policy and fought me on it.

I used 20 $2/2 kotex coupons
2 FREE Zyrtec
$1 off white cloud
$2.00 tidy cat
3 $1 off pure protein coupon

Friday, May 20, 2011


I am giving away a huge lot of baby coupons. Diapers, baby food, wipes etc... Huggies, pampers, etc...

How to enter?
1. Simply join my blog
2. LIKE ProshoppingMama on Facebook
3. Leave a comment on either FB or the blog

A winner will be chosen at random Sunday May 22nd and will include any of this Sundays baby products. Please do not leave your address simply your name and I will contact the winner! :) Don't forget about the coupon swap too!

Wednesday, May 18, 2011

Coupon Binders For SALE

Want to get started couponing? Have no idea HOW to get your coupons organized?
I have put together pre done coupon binders all organized, all you have to do is follow the printed instructions inside for which items you use, use the included paper and print!

Medium size binders are $15 and include a zipper organizer, with scissors, and calculator. 5 pages with protector to print for your favorite stores i.e. CVS, Shaw's etc... and 5 empty protectors to store your individual store deals. 5 divider sections each filled with 9 slot organizer to store coupons.
I have included instructions of how to label each section.

Larger size also available for $20 with extra pages, highlighters, and binder clips.
Comment to order.

Want to learn HOW to coupon?

There are a lot of things to learn about couponing. I hear so often how people clip their coupons, go to the store and end up spending more than they normally would have with out the coupons! Well thats because coupons are actually made that way ;) They are to get you to purchase a certain product BUT there is an art and a science to it. There is a way to do it so that the coupons work FOR you and save and even MAKE you money! Doesnt that sound awesome?!?! to go into a store purchase items and actally be handed money and paid to shop?!?!?! Well you can!

Everyone has been to or hosted a jewelry, purse, or cookware party and yes they are fun but what happens? You go and end up spending money. Wouldnt it be nice to host a party, spend a small amount of money, and learn all the tricks and tips to save $100s a month on groceries, paper, health and beauty, baby and pet items? Host a couponing 101 party with your family and friends and learn HOW to coupon.

Each guest has an entry fee of $20. Well what does that get you?
All the tips, tricks and a basic couponing 101 filled with tons of useful things that most people do not know. You will receive a starter kit to store your coupons, and a printed couponing 101 guide. Want to bring a friend? Now you only pay $10, $20 for your friend. Want to bring 2 or more friends? FREE for you, still $20 for them.

The hostess is FREE (unless 10 or less guests attend, then reg. $20 fee), same info as your guests, starter kit and a bonus hostess gift! Book in May and pay no hostess fee regardless of guest count and a bonus hostess gift!

Leave me a comment with your email address for further info or to book a party!

BJ's May 2011

total before Q $91.89
total after Q and sharing* $38.60

*sharing is a great thing to do at BJs since you buy in bulk and some do not have the ability to store a lot of additional items or even need such large quantities. Still want to save at wholesale clubs? Share products and membership fees with a friend!

Coupon Swap

Ok so you've bought 5 newspaper and only can use about 20 of them. What do you do with the ones you know you will never use? Swap them for ones you CAN use!

Heres how:

Post in our comments section below (for now-I will be adding a section if this seems to be working out) with any coupons you are in need of, people will respond if they have some extra and what they might be looking for. Coupons will be exchanged through mail and privately between couponers (no posting of anyones home address on the blog)

Once I week I will be doing a give away of coupons and/or free products!

Let the swapping begin!

Monday, May 16, 2011

Walmart $4.10 total after Q


This one was fun :) All the items minus the food were basically free-and if they were not free on their own the became free after overages. Here's the details:

Kotex- $0.94x 6= $5.64 minus 3 $2 off wyb2 q giving me $0.36 overage
Shout wipes-$0.97x6=$5.82 minus 6 $1 off shout q giving me $0.18 overage
Razors -$0.97x2=$1.94 minus 2 $1 off q giving me $0.06 overage
Cat litter- $1.77x2=$3.54 minus 2 $2 off q giving me $0.46 overage
Just my size pants (not for me) clearance for $3.00 minus a $5 q giving me $2.00 overage

Overages totaled $3.06

Kotex $1.24x9=$11.16 minus 9 $1 off coupons=$2.16
Playtext wipes-$1.97 minus $1 =$0.97
Sour cream $1.33 minus $1= $0.33
Best life butter sticks $1.98 minus $1=$0.98
Snackwells cookies $2.50 minus $1=$1.50
Skinny cow ice cream single $1.22 minus $1 =$0.22
Teddy grams $1 (well worth it even w out Q to keep Livy occupied while I check out) $1.00